Since more than 2 years Amlogy is developing the AR technology of the next generation.
With our WebAR technology it is now easier to reach to users, by just scanning the QR Code.
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Our team’s expertise and know-how can add great value to your business, and we are always happy to
share our passion and partner with you to provide sound consultation taking your venture to the next level. 


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Our Products and services

Web based AR

Let your users easily access AR-Content by just opening a link or scanning QR-Code.


Get a deeper understanding of how your users interact with your content

Strong infrastructure 

Running on AWS Servers, we provide a high, scalable and very fast performance. 

WebAR Studio

Get access to our studio to change your AR-Content easily by just drag and drop. No coding skills needed.


we create exclusive 3D animations and videos or choose one from our 1000+ huge 3D database

Top cooperation in creating new content and implementing innovative ideas

Joe Buchner

Perfect cooperation, for which I am deeply grateful. You have my complete confidence.

Bernhard Hummel

Always wanted to be a superhero

The schoolbook becomes alive

Light and Water